Thank you first of all for everyone who already bought loads of my stuff for Positive Women. I have just 6 angels or so left so it was time to update what I had left.

There has been added a new colour to the angels, the colour Orange. I do not have a picture of this particulair colour but it its a nice and bright Orange.

Due to left over Faux Leather I decided to make 6 limited edition keychains in 5 colours. When it is sold out, it will be sold out!
last but not least I have added a page in wich you can see my stock so check this before ordering please!

Here a Quick Stock Update on both the bracelet and charm colours. Soon I will be making new angels to update the stock and will put out a message then. As for the bracelets, when its sold out, this will remain until I find new material for the bracelets.

3 = 2 Left
7 = 3 Left
8 = 3 Left

1 = SOLD OUT! 
2 = 1 left
3 = 1 left
4 = 3 left
5 = 3 left
6 = 1 left
7 = 1 left
8 = 3 left

Thank You,
Hello Future supporters,

here is a quick update as for a the colour angels.
Nr. 1 = SOLD OUT!
Nr. 2 = SOLD OUT!
Nr. 3 = 3 left in stock
Nr. 4 = SOLD OUT!
Nr. 5 = SOLD OUT!
Nr. 6 = 2 left in stock
Nr. 7 = 3 left in stock
Nr. 8 = 3 left in stock.

I only have 1 Bracelet Angel left for the time being! so first come, first served. All colours are still avaible, but just have 1 tiny angel left!

Xoxo, Annelie 
How happy can I be, I got my first order, from germany non the less and I hope there will be more soon.
I know there will beone give-away up soon wich I will inform you about but until then, please share and spread the word!

We are live! well almost live that is. This is a temporary page but you will be able to place orders, this might take a while to be send out nontheless.

The website is not complete yet as the why page is still missing, but as I am not a typing genious this might take a while.

Enjoy and if you do have any questions, also be free to ask them through the order form ;)

xx Annelie 


    A 21 year old who one day decided to be creative and put this creative effort into raising money for a good cause.

    Due to the fact that Joseph Morgan inspired her, she chose Positive Women as the good cause she wanted to support.